alan thompson - computer support services

On-site and remote support for windows & mac, tablets & mobile,

wi-fi & security etc.


Dependable and competitively priced support based on twenty years experience - ten exclusively on behalf of John Lewis and the past ten independent. Assuring you the highest standard of calm, politely delivered and professional service. 


Covering London and much of Staffordshire


Based on more than twenty years experience, I guarantee you the highest level of competence and very clear communication...

-  On-Site and Remote Support Service for Windows and Apple
-  Installation, Support and Solutions

-  Tuition and Clear Guidance
-  Maintenance, Security, System Optimisation and Upgrades
-  Supporting WiFi, Windows and Mac Software Including
   Applications, Printers, iPad, iPhone and Android
-  Home Audio Visual Equipment Support




Whether it's for research, effective communication, business or entertainment - like it or not we are increasingly tied to a computer.  But sometimes they puzzle, sometimes they behave like an unruly twelve year old, and sometimes they exasperate.


I will often visit someone for the first time and immediately see settings that have never been right - making the use of a computer unnecessarily difficult. Older computers can very often be much improved performance wise: though there is ultimately a time to replace - and if this is so and set-up correctly it should mean no loss of work, photos, e-mails, contacts or appearance and familiarity.


If you have a problem - I will fix it.