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About me


A little about myself: I have been dealing with computer problems for more than twenty years: ten of those I was employed exclusively by John Lewis Oxford Street London to deal with their trickiest technical and set-up problems on-site for their customers, tasked with both solving technical issues and restoring the good name of John Lewis.

Most companies have cared more about profit than keeping their customers truly happy the past fifteen years - John Lewis being no different, I decided to leave and provide much the same service but in a more bespoke manner.

Over the years I have dealt with politicians, barristers, students, medical professionals, members of the armed forces, business leaders - people from all walks of life.

I always deal with the utmost politeness, can communicate very clearly (which is particularly useful if procedures etc. need clarification), and can FIX your problems.

I also set-up new or replacement systems with meticulous care and attention - including proper e-mail migration.

I strive to make it on-time to any given appointment, and almost always arrange a precise time with my customers - not a window.